Feb 22, 2017


Oh, sweet Adeline. You're growing too fast. I know I say that every month... but you won't stop! 
Your personality is really starting to shine through! You are such a joy to your Daddy and I, and to anyone who walks past you! You have definitely found your voice! You love to babble, sometimes "mama" and "dada" will come out. Puffs are your new favorite food (we need to fix that!). You scoot all over, but haven't quite figured out crawling on your knees. You got your first little nasty cold... but you kicked that in the rear! 
We are so thankful for you sweet girl. We are thankful for your good health, beautiful smile, and Saturday morning cuddles. As tough as it is to watch you get bigger, you are more fun each new day!

Dec 28, 2016

Merry Christmas

We had a new Christmas. A wonderful Christmas. A Christmas where we were "Santa". A quiet Christmas. A Christmas at home. Would not have changed anything about Adeline's 1st Christmas. 

We did lunch Christmas Eve in Tarzan, then came home. We made cookies for Santa, had a "Microwave" dinner, put Adeline to bed (in her crib!), and fixed up stockings and put presents under the tree. 

Christmas morning. Oh what fun! Will Adeline remember it? No. Will we? Yes. Devin and Adeline are probably so tired of my picture taking, but I love making these little moments as a family. 


The months are starting to fly by. I don't like it. Baby girl, you are growing too fast. They tell you not to blink, I need to stop blinking!
As much as I don't like packing away clothes that are too small, going up a size in diapers, watching you learn new things is so fun! 
You can sit up ON YOUR OWN, sleep through the night in your crib, and eat table food! You have tried avocado, sweet potato ( your fave! ), carrots, banana, and peas (yuck). You say "mama" and it melts my heart. You love to splash in the big tub and chew on the rubber ducky's head. I wonder what new things I will get to write about next month. 
We love you sweet Adeline.